Bessemer’s Bryan Deeter and Kristina Shen mentioned in a 2013 blog post that “most savvy software companies are aggressively trying to dress themselves up as cloud companies,” because all it takes, essentially, is an ability to claim your business is now renting online what it used to sell as shrink-wrapped packages. Whilst a bold claim, we’re interesting in the gorwing trend to find a new reference point for cloud computing or rather help define it amongst people who find it difficult to recognise the cloud as anything other than a friendly rounded icon on their iPhone.

Popular music companies such as Pandora, Spotify and Apple iTunes radio have been indoctrinating their customers to pay a monthly fee for music instead of owning it – an ingenious use of the cloud we think.

What do you use cloud for? Do you know you’re using it half the time? Perhaps you use if on a personal level to back up those endless libraries of photos or maybe you rely on it for the day to day running of your company. Whatever your use is, how do you feel about the term ‘cloud computing’ – should we be doing more to redefine a new era of cloud usage?