With a new wave in startup activity that’s only continuing to grow, innovation and entrepreneurship is seeking out new ways to best use cloud. ‘Cloud computing is more than technology, it’s a business model that fundamentally changes how businesses operate and more to the point, changes how they get started.’

The future of startup companies, or rather the successful future depends upon their ability to grow, grow quickly and keep up with their own management. Failures arise often, not from not enough growth, but growth that happens too quickly to manage – and the inability to scale.

When Peter Kirwan, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Collexion, Inc. co-founded this online home for collectors of just about anything from vintage beer cans to antique typewriters, he decided to go “all cloud” from the very beginning. Scalability matters and it allows entrepreneurs to think big.  “Costs tend to grow with revenue and you don’t have to think about technical challenges of growth as much. Everyone thinks bigger. Not having these roadblocks changed everyone’s way of thinking about limits – and there are none, really.”

Source: http://techie.com/top-ten-ways-the-cloud-has-changed-how-startups-launch/