The Open Compute Project is a project that aims to share and collaborate on technologies used in the area of deployment and use of data centers in order to improve the functioning infrastructure, standardize innovations. This project is for 5 years at the initiative of Facebook.



The Open Compute Project, aims to improve the technologies used in data centers by making them more interoperable through collaboration between different actors. Everyone shares are its techniques and developments, both on the hardware to the software. It’s time for Google to join this initiative by becoming a member of this group. But not only. He brings a new specification for berries using a 48 volt system. Google working on it for several years and already uses this system in production infrastructure, it means more to offer hardware for the cloud or software for network and server management.

Iguana Worldwide is actively working for many years to support this technology through its infrastructures (including the only third party data centers 3 opened for marketing in France Iliad DC3) and through its information system to provide access to transparently to the data generated in the data center for both optimization (via big-data) for the performance and compliance.

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