We knew that big, technological releases would make an appearance this year, but to what extent, we didn’t know. Day 1 saw the launch of two interesting pieces of technology that could revolutionise the future of mobile gaming and further enhances the ever growing multi-screened universe. These were the Nvidia Tegra KL mobile processor and the Asus ‘four-in-one’ laptop / tablet hybrid; what did you think of them? Innovative enough? Or just technology, done well?

Despite Michael Bay’s stage fright hiccup, day one of CES 2014 was dominated by wearable tech, Samsung’s bendable TV and 3D printers, in a bid to showcase the transformation of everyday technology products. Ground-breaking models such as Intel’s wearable computers which included earbuds that monitored your heart rate and a headset computer nicknamed Jarvis, wowed the onlookers at CES. BMW unveiled a surprise presence at the event by revealing an app for the Samsung smartwatch which allows you to check the car’s battery and send directions to the car. Very smooth. Not only entertainment and leisure wares were showcased, a focus on fitness and health was marked by French startup Kolibree’s smart electric toothbrush which tracks how clean your teeth are getting while brushing them. Sony uncovered the secrets behind a ‘life logging’ device where information is tracked with an Android app and a piece of wearable tech that finds out when a user is walking or resting. Day one is off to a flying a start. It can only get better.

We also have a few handy pointers that were picked up across the day’s activities – from changing B2C habits to how to make your data work harder for you. Check it out the diagram above.