The IBC take place between 9 and 13 September in Amsterdam.Due to its impressive size,this event dedicated to the industry of radio and television broadcasting (and by extension the creation of any kind of audiovisual content) is often considered the European equivalent of the famous NAB Show, taking place April in Las Vegas. This event, in which more than 55 000 people participated, presents the future of the broadcasting market.

The headlights themes for the 2016 edition :

  • Broadcasting and new media
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Content Innovation (animation)

For this year 2016, new products were presented as material (XC15 Canon, Sony HDC-4300) and software (Adobe Production Tools) and a fine hand was made products around the virtual and augmented reality (a demonstration RV live via satellite a signal 10k x 2k)

A set of award was presented among others at NASA (for their collaboration with industry and the release of content), SMPTE (which develops video standard) or Cisco.

During our stay at this event we presented our transcoding solution VDOencode and our new streaming (adaptative process and multi-screen output) and broadcasting/security features (DRM, security, encryption, …)